In this section past editions of Open File (and its predecessors) will periodically be added and made  available to download in pdf format. Enjoy... and thank you to all involved in this archive project (in particular, former Open File Editor, Miles Patterson).

Autumn 1979 Open File

The match report from the 1979 CSCC, played at Bulford, is the key article in this edition.

Summer 1979 Open File

The 1979 edition of Open File was a real 'pot pourri' of material - The 1979 Perrott Trophy (Army v Navy v Air Force), a gripping short story and a discussion on central funding for chess. Oh how little has changed!

Autumn 1976 Open File

A match report on the RAFChA vs Royal Navy, and an article on the Sicilian Dragon

Summer 1976 Open File

The Summer of 1976 has become something still talked about to this day! See what was happening in the RAFChA - a match against Wiltshire county chess team!

Spring 1976 Open File

The ABC of Chess, by John Perrott and a hotly contested match between RAF Halton and RAF High Wycombe feature in this edition. Who was the best RAF Chess Station in Bucks in 1976?

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