Perrott Trophy 2021

Sirs, Ma’ams, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I have an exciting proposition to share with you all.  For many years the 3 services competed for the Perrott trophy, an Army team vs a Navy team vs an RAF team, it fell out of favour about 25 years ago mainly because the Army and Navy couldn’t muster a full team.  Well now it is back – The Online Perrott Trophy – new and improved.


Now the exciting bit, it is open to everyone, I want to have the biggest teams we can muster, this is about encouraging people to play.  If you have retired from RN/Army/RAF/MOD then that is fine you can play for the service you served in.  If you represented more than one service RN/MOD for example you can pick who you play for based on where you feel your loyalty lies.


There will be 4 team captains:
RN Dave Ross

Army: Francis Pearce

RAF: Steve O’Neill

MOD: Mike Fielding


Matches will be played on a Wed night on LiChess commencing at 1930 using the 4NCL time control of 45 mins plus 15 secs, Captains will agree the number of boards before the games.  If you want to represent your service just email your Team Capt cc’d.  You don’t have to play each round just tell your Captain which rounds you want to play and we will aim to give as many players as possible a game.  The team sheets will be published on a Monday night.


Round 1 will be 9 June: Army vs MOD, RN vs RAF

Round 2 will be 16 June: Army vs RAF, RN vs MOD

Round 3 will be 23 June: Army vs RN, MOD vs RAF


More details to follow, please come and fight for the honour of your service.



Lt Cdr Dave Ross RN,  Email: