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LiChess Online Grand Prix Series

New Open File
Winter  2023 

Another packed edition of Open File has been released with some great material demonstrating just how vibrant the Armed Forces chess scene is right now. Articles include the rapid play held at RAF Benson, the 33rd NATO Chess Championship and the REME Chess Championship.

Further entertainment is provided by Carl Portman's interview with Ray Keene and Dave Tucker's experience at the European Seniors Championship representing the UK.


Click the button below to be taken to the Download Page. Please contact the Web Master (see Contacts) if you require the password to access the Open File page.



UKAFCA Chess Championship 2024

The 2024 edition of the UKAFCA Championship will be held at RAF Wittering (Nr Peterborough) from Friday 5th April to Monday 8th April. The format will be the usual 7 Round Swiss and will incorporate the Navy/RAF/Army/MOD Championships. The tournment will also double as the NATO Qualification tourment. 

There is a planned Grandmaster Simul (TBC) on Thursday 4th April before the tournament gets underway. 

All standards welcome, but accommodation is limited, so please book as soon as possible. This is the same venue as the 2023 tournament which reached its capacity to host the event due to high demand for places.

Information (and the entry form) is available from the DIN which you can download by clicking the button below.

LiChess Online Grand Prix Series

This series of events is run by Mike Fielding via the LiChess and the Discord Server. You don't need to play in all the events, but can jump in and play as many as you like.

There are various different types of tournament where the top 10 places get points and the winner is decided at the end of the season. The last thursday of the month is the set date.

Please click the box below for further details.




Events Diary

5-8th April 2024 - UK Armed Forces  Championship 2024

Online Grand Prix Dates

30th November - 2 Hour Bullet Arena Tournament, 3+2 minutes

25th January - 2 Hour Blitz Arena Tournament, 5+3 minutes

29th February - 2 Hour Rapid Arena Tournament, 10+5 minutes

28th March - 4 Round Chess 960 Swiss Tournament, 15+0 minutes

Head to the site 'Downloads' page to find the latest edition of Open File.

We now have many past editions of Open File  archived in this section, with many from the early years of the RAF Chess Association in pdf form.

UKAFCA Fair Play Code of Conduct for Online Chess Events

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