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Perrott Trophy 2024

This years Inter-Services Championships, 'The Perrott Trophy’, will be held online on LiChess in June/July.

The competition is open to everyone, the bigger the teams the better. You do not need to have any previous experience competing and players of any ability can take part. If you have retired from RN/Army/RAF/MOD then you can still play for the service you served in.  If you represented more than one service (the RN/MOD for example), you can pick who you play for based on where you feel your loyalty lies.


There will be 4 team captains:

RN: Liam Cooper

Army: Francis Pearce

RAF: Steve O’Neill

MOD: Zamira Lucas-DIvers

Default match times will be Tuedsday nights on LiChess (free to create an account if you don’t already have one) commencing at 1930 using the 4NCL time control of 45 mins plus 15 secs. Individual matches can be re-arranged if players have other commitments on match nights.


Captains will agree the number of boards before the games.  If you want to represent your service, just contact your Team Captain.  You don’t have to play each round just tell your Captain which rounds you want to play and we will aim to give as many players as possible a game.  


Round 1 will be 18th June: Army vs MOD, RN vs RAF

Round 2 will be 26th June: Army vs RAF, RN vs MOD

Round 3 will be 02nd July: Army vs RN, MOD vs RAF

RAF Cosford Chess-a-thon

Events Diary

18th June: Perrot Trophy Round 1 Army vs MOD, RN vs RAF

26th June:: Perrot Trophy Round 2 Army vs RAF, RN vs MOD

02nd July: Perrott Trophy Round 3 Army vs RN, MOD vs RAF

20-26 October NATO Chess Championship (Rhodes, Greece)

Head to the site 'Downloads' page to find the latest edition of Open File.

We now have many past editions of Open File  archived in this section, with many from the early years of the RAF Chess Association in pdf form.

UKAFCA Fair Play Code of Conduct for Online Chess Events

New Open File
Winter  2023 

Another packed edition of Open File has been released with some great material demonstrating just how vibrant the Armed Forces chess scene is right now. Articles include the rapid play held at RAF Benson, the 33rd NATO Chess Championship and the REME Chess Championship.

Further entertainment is provided by Carl Portman's interview with Ray Keene and Dave Tucker's experience at the European Seniors Championship representing the UK.


Click the button below to be taken to the Download Page. Please contact the Web Master (see Contacts) if you require the password to access the Open File page.



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