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UKAFCC Chess Championship 2023

The UKAFCC will be held at RAF Wittering from the 14-17 April. There is an aspiration to have a Grandmaster Simul on the 13 April - further details will be available when organised.

Please Note - Accommodation at Wittering is limited and should be booked as soon as possible. 

Download the DIN (with entry details) below.


2022 OUT NOW!

This is the first Open File under the editorship of Frazer Graham. With support from Carl Portman, this is an edition of Open File which is well up to the usual excellent standard, and is now available for the membership to download.

It's great first edition from Frazer!

The main focus of the edition is the Armed Forces Championship in Aldershot, with some excellent games annotated by the players.

Please support the new editor with material for the next edition!


Perrott Trophy 2022

Events Diary

14-17th April 2023 UKAFCC (RAF Wittering)


Head to the site 'Downloads' page to find the latest edition of Open File.

We now have many past editions of Open File  archived in this section, with many from the early years of the RAF Chess Association in pdf form.

UKAFCA Fair Play Code of Conduct for Online Chess Events

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This September will see the Perrott Trophy contest take place. For the unacquainted, the Perrott trophy is an inter-services contest that was revived last year for the first time in 25 years. The RAF won last years contest and will be trying to retain the title this year. The competition is open to everyone, the bigger the teams the better.  If you have retired from RN/Army/RAF/MOD then you can still play for the service you served in.  If you represented more than one service RN/MOD for example you can pick who you play for based on where you feel your loyalty lies.

 There will be 4 team captains:
RN: Liam Cooper

Army: Francis Pearce

RAF: Steve O’Neill

MOD: Tristan Dray-Pearce


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